Jul 12, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog/Handbook 
2019-2020 Catalog/Handbook


09/162019 - Credit hours corrected from 2 to 3 for MHS 7315  
09/17/2019 - TXAU commencement corrected on 2019-2020 Academic Calendar  
- Mid-term appeal date removed from 2019-2020 Academic Calendar  
- NUR 7450 added to Nursing, MSN  under Nurse Educator Role Specialty - Accelerated Curriculum
- Updated Late Fee information on Financial Information  page 
- Added Notice of Cancellation for MOT, DPT, OTD, and MS-SLP on Financial Information  page
- Updated resume information requirement for Nursing Programs under Application for Admission on Admissions, Records and Registration  page
- Corrected tuition for tDPT on Financial Information  page
- Updated VA approval info to California under Veteran’s Benefits on Financial Information  page 
11/06/2019 -Corrected Academic Appeals date on 2019-2020 Academic Calendar         
11/19/2019 -Updated Speech-Language Pathology, MS-SLP   Plans of Study
-Corrected Social Science Pre-requisite on Physical Therapy, DPT  and Physical Therapy, Flex DPT  pages
-Updated CAPTE approval information on General Information  page
12/06/2019 -Updated Dallas, Texas CAPTE application status on General Information  page under Accreditations and Approvals
12/06/2019 -Corrected Faculty Retreat date on 2019-2020 Academic Calendar   
12/16/2019 -Corrected Spring dates on 2019-2020 Academic Calendar  
-Added Connecticut and Michigan contact information under Complaint Policy on General University Policies  page
-Updated Course Name PHT 5670  
-Updated Admitting GPA requirement for MSN program on Admissions, Records and Registration  page
-Updated AAC Meeting Procedure point 8 under #6 of the Major Academic Dismissal Appeal Issues on the General Academic Policies  page
-Updated #5 under Second Retake Practical Examination Process on the General Academic Policies  page
-Added course description for NUR 7574  for MSN FNP program
-Updated course description for SLP 5505  for MS-SLP program
-Updated course description and title for SLP 5565  for MS-SLP program
-Updated location of PMC Appeal form under Professional Misconduct Appeal Process on General University Policies  page
-Updated Mission Statement for Physical Therapy, DPT  and Physical Therapy, Flex DPT  Programs
-Updated prerequisites/co-requisites for: HSC 5310C , HSC 5665 , OCT 5550 , OCT 5510 , OCT 6530 , OCT 5660 , OCT 5625 , OCT 6640 , OCT 6731 
-Updated MS-SLP description under Accreditations and Approvals on General Information  and under Accreditation and Licensure/Certification on Speech-Language Pathology, MS-SLP  page
-Updated entry level OTD statuses under Accreditations and Approvals on General Information  page
-Updated contact information under State Licensure, Approvals and Authorizations on General Information  page
-Updated contact information under Student Tuition Recovery Fund-California on Financial Information  page
-Updated Cost of Attendance on Financial Information  page
-Updated Time Limits on Post-Professional Programs on General Academic Policies  page
-Updated Program Overview and Time Limit on Occupational Therapy, PPOTD  page
-Updated Time Limit on Physical Therapy, tDPT  page
-Updated Program Overview and Time Limit on Education, EdD  page
-Updated Time Limit on Health Science, MHS  page
-Updated Time Limit on Health Science, MHS  page
-Updated Time Limit on Health Science, DHSc  page
02/06/2020 -Updated ACOTE information under Accreditations and Approvals on General Information  page, Occupational Therapy, MOT  page, Occupational Therapy, OTD  page,  Occupational Therapy, Flex MOT  page, and Occupational Therapy, Flex OTD  page
-Updated Licensure Exam Policy on General Academic Policies  page
-Updated ACOTE information under Accreditations and Approvals on General Information  page
4/20/2020 -Replaced EDF 7323   with EDF 7323   in EdD  Program Nurse Educator Elective Courses
4/21/2020 -Added IPE 7120B   to MSN   and DNP  Programs

-Updated Dallas, Texas DPT information under Accreditations and Approvals on General Information  page

-Added DPT to Dallas Texas on Campuses and Clinical Sites  page