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Physical Therapy, tDPT (Bachelor’s Level)

This program is not enrolling new students.

Bachelor’s-level students will take 38 clinical core hours, 18 other core credit hours, and 4 elective or specialization credit hours for a total of 60 credit hours. The Bachelor’s level tDPT program may be completed in four (4) years.

Specializations Manual Therapy, Primary Care, and Craniofacial lead to a certification upon successful completion of coursework, clinical education completion, and passing the related certification exam.


Course NameHours:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
HSC 7200 - Information Literacy for Evidence-Based Practice Hours: 1
HSC 7400 - Differential Diagnosis Hours: 3
IPE 7001 - Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Hours: 3


IPE 7001B - Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (B) Hours: 3
HSC 7401 - Pharmacology Hours: 3
  • Specialization or non-specialization elective courses: Hours 4
  • PHT 7496 - Capstone Project I and Hours: 1
    PHT 7497 - Capstone Project II Hours: 4


    PHT 6498 - Clinical Residency Hours: 5
    PHT 7470 - Clinical Integration I: Reflective Practice Hours: 8
    PHT 7472 - Clinical Integration II: Lifelong Learning/Continuing Competence Hours: 8
    PHT 7473 - Clinical Integration III: Teaching Strategies Hours: 8
    PHT 7474 - Clinical Integration IV: Leadership Hours: 8
    PHT 7475 - Clinical Integration V: Mentoring in Physical Therapy Practice Hours: 6

    Note: Clinical Integration I–V require current clinical employment for which tuition reduction applies.

    HSC 7416 - Foundations of Imaging Hours: 3

    Degree Credit Hours 60

    This program is not enrolling new students.