May 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog/Handbook (Summer Update) 
2023-2024 Catalog/Handbook (Summer Update)

Summary of Changes

September 1, 2023

Fall Catalog Revisions

Campuses and Clinical Sites

Methods for Education Delivery    

  • Clarification that lengthier assignments in online courses may take up to seven business days to grade.

Degrees and Certificates    

  • On-campus residency experiences in the MS-SLP program occur in Trimesters 1, 2, 3, and 4 (formerly Trimesters 1, 2, 3, and 5).  

Admissions, Records, and Registration

Admission to the University’s Degree Programs  

  • Admission Application Types include degree seeking, certificate, nondegree/noncertificate seeking, readmission, reinstatement, subsequent applicant
  • Admission Decision Status includes full/regular admission, contingent admission, denial, deferral, and rescinded.
  • Definitions for each application type and decision status are also included. 

Background Checks, Fingerprints, Drug Screens, and Criminal Records (DPT, MOT, OTD, MS-SLP, MSN, DNP, Post-Graduate Nursing Certificates)  

  • Federal financial aid cannot be disbursed until the background check, drug screen, and fingerprint results have been received and cleared by the University. There will be a delay in the disbursement of financial aid funds should all requirements not be met prior to the start of the student’s first trimester.
  • SLP students must submit cleared reports prior to the term start date; all other students should submit by term start date but have 30 days after term start to comply.
  • Pending charges and probation can also cause dismissal.
  • Generally, the deposit is not refunded with other tuition and fees should a student have an adverse report on the initial background check, drug screen, or fingerprint report. Exceptions may occur for students residing in certain states with superseding deposit requirements.

Application for Admissions MOT, MOT Flex , Applications for Admission OTD, OTD Flex  

  • Prerequisite of one medical terminology course now may be fulfilled with traditional academic credit, continuing education units, certification, or the noncredit USAHS Medical Terminology course with evidence of successful completion.

Physician Assistant Studies Hybrid Immersion MOT , RN-Master of Science in Nursing (FNP, AGNP, or PMHNP-PC)   

  • Includes admission and application requirements for each of these new offerings. 

Master of Health Administration , Doctor of Education  

  • MHA, EdD programs recommend a 3.0 GPA on baccalaureate degree transcripts.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students (NDS)    

  • NDS students must pay all tuition no later than the end of the add/drop period.

Admission Applications for USAHS Alumni  

  • The University now offers an abbreviated application process for USAHS graduates applying to a post-professional program.  

Domestic, International, and/or Foreign-Educated Students   

  • Applicants who did not complete at least 60 semester hours of college credit within a U.S. institution must provide an official TOEFL score report. 

Student Records/Student Holds  

  • The University does not place financial holds on transcripts as the primary inducement for recouping student debt to the University.

Health Records  

  • Required health screenings and immunizations are based on recommendations from the CDC.
  • Students are responsible for costs associated with completing the requirements.

Student Information and Records Notification of Rights Under FERPA  

  • Updates clarify definitions and how the University uses directory information.

Course Withdrawal  

  • Students may not continue to attend in-person or online courses after withdrawing from a course. 
  • Now includes a chart of the last day to withdraw for each term length (e.g., 15-week term, 8-week term, 4-week term).

Campus Exchange Program  

  • Students in the MS-SLP programs may now participate in the campus exchange program.


  • The fee for transcripts is now $8.50 for electronic transcripts and $10.00 for paper transcripts.

Commencement Ceremony and Graduation   

  • Students who are unable to successfully complete one of the final courses have a degree conferral date based on when they complete all coursework. If a student completes pending coursework by the conclusion of the add/drop period in the immediate subsequent trimester, the student’s degree conferral date on the diploma and transcript reflects the actual date of course completion as reported by the instructor during final grade submission. When a student completes the coursework after the add/drop deadline in the trimester immediately following the student’s originally anticipated final term of enrollment, the degree conferral date coincides with the next graduating cohort, which is the last day of the respective trimester.
  • Honors designations are honors (3.50–3.64 CGPA) and high honors (3.65–4.00 CGPA) based on the student’s cumulative GPA calculated at the end of the second to last trimester of the program.

Replacement Diplomas  

  • Replacement diplomas may be ordered through Parchment for $30 plus shipping.
  • Replacement diplomas are printed with duplicate in small print to discern it from the original. 

Reenrollment Timelines

  • This policy, requiring entry-level students who seek admission to another USAHS entry-level program to retake foundations coursework if longer than three years since enrollment, has been repealed.

University Policies

Student Code of Conduct   

  • Violations of the code of conduct could result in referral to the PMC or to the Behavioral Intervention Team. 
  • Students may be required to cover visible tattoos and body piercings for certain academic and clinical activities.

Accessibility and Accommodations    

  • Notice or requests from students outside of the process outlined in the policy and/or notice to other University officials outside of the Office of Student Welfare and Accessibility including faculty, staff and administrators is not accepted as notice to the University for the purpose of approved accommodations. 
  • The student is responsible for notifying his or her instructor(s) of the approved accommodations.
  • Students requiring accommodations for the clinical portion of the program must submit an additional accommodation request and follow the process outlined in the policy.

Complaints Policy    

  • The sequence in the formal complaint process now includes submitting the formal complaint, the appeals process, and a request for reconsideration of the appeal (formerly Steps 1, 2, and 3). 

Academic Policies

Academic Integrity Policy    

  • Violations of policy are now categorized as Level I (minor) violations or Level II (major) violations (formerly Levels I, II, and III). 
  • Grading sanctions are determined by the instructor and the program director, and the potential sanctions for each level are included in the policy.

Credit Hour Policy  

  • Now includes a list of credit hours for full-time and half-time course load in each program.

Transfer Credit Policy  

  • The MSPAS program does not accept transfer credit, PLA, or advanced standing.
  • The School of Nursing no longer accepts HESI exams scores to test out of NUR 7610 and NUR 7580.

Professional Conference Attendance  

  • Program directors provide details specific of each program’s requirements (details for each program’s requirements removed from the university-wide policy).


  • The Midcourse and Final Grade Submission policy details the expectations for faculty to submit midcourse and final grades.
  • The Registrar sends notices to students who have earned a grade of C or below in the course at the midpoint of the course.

Repeating a Course   

  • Policy includes maximum course loads per term while repeating a course.
  • Policy includes how the University calculates cumulative GPA with repeated courses. 
  • Students in the MSPAS program have additional repeat grade restrictions and should refer to the SAP policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy    

  • Restructuring provides clarity to students and faculty on requirements for satisfactory academic progress.
  • The maximum time to completion is changing for some programs.


  • Readmission is defined as students who voluntarily withdraw from the program or who are administratively withdrawn under the Continuous Enrollment Policy and are in good standing may be readmitted into the same program.
  • Previously enrolled students who are suspended or placed on Administrative LOA may apply for readmission. 
  • Timeline for submitting readmission applications is six weeks before the start date of the term in which the student wishes to reenroll. 


  • Reinstatement is defined as students who are dismissed (involuntarily separated) from the program due to violations of academic policies or professional misconduct (PMC) violations may be reinstated to the same program upon successful appeal
  • Students may be reinstated only on academic appeal or PMC appeal.

Student Resources

Student Associations and Organizations  

  • MSPAS students are required to join AAPA and SAAAPA.

Off Campus Housing   

  • Estimated monthly rental rates in San Marcos: $850–$1800/month for an individual and $1825–$2500/month and more for apartment rentals.

Student Employment  

  • MSPAS students cannot be employed within the PA program but may hold positions outside of the PA program.

Financial Information

Tuition and Cost of Attendance   

  • Tuition and Cost of Attendance for the Fall 2023 term will be available prior to term start.

Refund Policy   

  • Restructuring of the policy consolidates the specifications for refunds.  
  • MS-SLP, MOT, OTD, DPT programs: When notification of withdrawal from the University is submitted, the University retains $100 as a matriculation fee except in cases where state requirements supersede this policy.

Financial Assistance Programs  

  • Interest rates and fees originating on or after October 1, 2022, and before October 1, 2024, are now available.

Veteran’s Benefits   

  • The MSN-PMHNP-PC and MSN-AGNP role specialties are now eligible for VA benefits.


  •  Students receiving federal student loans need to have all admission documentation cleared before a disbursement request to the U.S. Department of Education can be made on behalf of the student for federal loans.

Safety, Security, and Technology

Safety on Campus   

  • Security phone numbers are located on the back of student IDs. Students also should save their campus’ security phone number in their cell phone.
  • Visitors are allowed on campus between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. All visitors are required to register with the USAHS security desk prior to being allowed to enter the student or work areas and should limit their visit to less than one hour. 

ID Badges  

  • Identification badges must be worn where they are visible while on University property or while engaged in any university-related event, including during clinical education and in clinical settings.

Technology Requirements  

  • Updated computer hardware requirements for both Windows and Mac computers are now available.

College of Rehabilitative Sciences

Hybrid Immersion MOT   

  • The Dallas campus is offering a hybrid immersion format of the MOT program starting Fall 2023 term. 


  • OCT 5230C now occurs in Trimester I and OCT 5130C now occurs in Trimester II.

Flex MOT Flex OTD (11 term)  

  • OCT 5230C now occurs in Trimester II and OCT 5130C now occurs in Trimester III.


  • Program updated the mission statement and program learning outcomes.
  • EDF 7171, HSC 7470, and IPE 7100 are general electives and are not part of the specialization certificate. 

DPT Flex DPT  

  • PHT 5780 and PHT 5835 are now 8-week courses with required academic engagement (formerly 3-week courses). 

tDPT (Bachelor’s Level) tDPT (Master’s Level)     

  • HSC 7400 is now a 12-week course (formerly an 8-week course). 
  • PHT 6030, PHT 6035, PHT 6038 are now 15-week courses (formerly 10-week courses) and have updated course descriptions.

College of Health Sciences


  • The University is not accepting applications at this time. 

MHA Program   

  • Optional immersions in IPE 7001, IPE 7050, IPE 7121, and IPE 7421 may not be offered every term.
  • EDF 7050/EDF 7050B, EDF 7161, Permalink/EDF 7175B, and  EDF 7181  are now offered as general electives in the MHA degree program.

EdD Core Curriculum    

EDF 7111 EDF 7121 EDF 7200 EDF 7225 EDF 7871 EDF 7872  now have increased credit hours. 

Education, EdD, Nurse Educator Specialization was inadvertently removed and subsequently reinstated on 8/2/2023


  • Program offering is discontinued. 

School of Nursing


  • New program offering starting Fall 2023.

MSN Program    

  • The Nurse Informaticist role specialty is discontinued.

September 15, 2023

October 24, 2023


  • There are two prerequisite courses  that may be pending during admissions process and matriculation.

WA Students

  • USAHS is to ensure that WA students are informed whether programs traditionally intended to lead to professional licensure will prepare them for licensure in Washington State at outlined in WAC250-61-151(2)(e).

December 1, 2023

Spring Update

Campuses and Clinical Sites

Methods of Educational Delivery  

  • Some or all instruction and/or other academic activities may be delivered fully online due to exceptional circumstances that may threaten the safety and security of the campus community. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and are not refunded in the event instruction and/or other academic activities occurs fully online for any part of the academic year.

    Additionally, by entering a physical campus of USAHS or participating in USAHS activities, students acknowledge that they may be exposed to risks that may result in illness or personal injury, including risk of exposure to COVID-19. USAHS cannot eliminate these risks, and students accept all risks to their health that may result from entering a physical campus.

Admissions, Records, and Registration


  • GRE scores can be waived for applicants with 3.60 GPA or higher.
  • 40 observation hours are now required.


  • The MOT program now offers an entry-point for practicing OTAs. 
  • Letters of Recommendation: Applicants are required to submit two recommendations. One recommendation must be from an instructor or occupational therapy practitioner.
  • Prerequisite for Applicants: Human Growth and Development (Lifespan) - This course must cover the life stages from birth to death, including the psychological aspect of growth and development. It must include both physical and biological development. 
    Common Courses: Human Development and Developmental Psychology


  • The MSPAS program is not enrolling students at this time. 


  • The MHA program is not currently enrolling new students. 

MSN  and Post-Graduate Certificate  

  • The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care role specialty in the MSN and Post-Graduate Certificate programs is now called Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner role specialty. The role specialty is currently approved as “Post-Graduate Nursing Certificate, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care” by Florida CIE; name change pending. 
  • The Nurse Educator role specialty is not currently enrolling new students. 

Program/Specialty Change  

  • Residential MOT students seeking to transfer to the OTD program must submit the Program Change Form by midterm of Term 1 of the MOT program. 

Academic Policies

Credit Hour Policy  

  • The policy language is updated to clarify the calculation of contact hours to credit hours.

Satisfactory Academic Progress  

  • Policy is updated to clarify policy langague. 

Financial Info

Refund Policy  

  • When notification of withdrawal from the University is submitted, the University retains the non-refundable $100 deposit in compliance with applicable state regulations according to the applicant’s state of residence.

Post-Professional Tuition Reductions  

  • Post-Professional OTD: New students are eligible for a 20% tuition discount.
  • Graduate Certificates: New students are eligible for a 10% tuition discount.

Academic Programs

OTD Program  and/or MOT Program   

  • OCT 6310 : Now called Foundations of the OTD Capstone, and the course now occurs in the second trimester rather than the third trimester of the OTD Residential program of study.
  • OCT 5230C : Removed prerequisite OCT 5135C.
  • OCT 5130C : Changed prerequisite from OCT 5230C to OCT 5135C .
  • OCT 5232 : Added prerequisite OCT 5135C 
  • HSC 5136 : Replaced with OCT 5136 .

DPT Program  and/or DPT Flex Program   

January 31, 2024

MSN  and Post-Graduate Certificate  

  • Florida CIE approved the name change of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner role specialty in the MSN and Post-Graduate Certificate programs. Disclaimers noting the pending name changed have been removed.

 February 6, 2024

University Faculty  

  • Corrected education information for Kasyan-Howe.

February 14, 2024

Student Code of Conduct 

  • Added information about Florida law on use of public restooms.

Academic Terms and Sub-Terms 

  • Revised the information provided about length and timing of terms and sub-terms within a trimester. 

February 15, 2024

State Licensure Degrees and Certificates , and Tuition and Cost of Attendance   

  • These pages were updated to include the new Hybrid Immersion MOT program on the Miami campus.

February 21, 2024

Tuition and Cost of Attendance  

  • Updated Tuition and Cost of Attendance tables for each currently enrolling program to reflect STRF fee of $0.00, which is determined by the rate as of April 1, 2024.

2024-2025 Academic Calendar  

  • Updated 2024-2025 Academic Calendar with a temporary calendar pending full calendar.

 March 5, 2024

2023-2024 Academic Calendar  

  • Updated 2023-2024 Academic Calendar for Summer 2024 term. 

May 3, 2024

Summer Update

General Information   

  • Updated Administrative Officers and Staff List.
  • Updated AOTA address.
  • Removed MSPAS program.

Occupational Therapy, OTD  

  • OCT 6310 moved from Term 3 to Term 2; OCT 6420 moved from Term 4 to Term 3. 

Occupational Therapy, Flex OTD (11 term)  

  • OCT 6310  moved from Term 5 to Term 4; OCT 6420  moved from Term 7 to Term 5. 

EDF 7873  

  • Prerequisites changed.

NUR 7560  

  • Prerequisites changed.

NUR 7577  

  • Updated course title and course description.

OCT 6420  

  • Updated course title and description.

OCT 6530  

  • Updated course description and prerequisites.

OCT 6640  

  • Updated course description and prerequisites.