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2022-2023 University Catalog/Handbook (Summer Update) 
2022-2023 University Catalog/Handbook (Summer Update) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Office of Continuing Professional Education registers students for live seminars, online webinars/seminars, and certification preparation and examination. The University supports cross-disciplinary and multiskilled practices in addition to clinical specialization. As such, the University offers its seminars to a variety of professionals—provided their education and licensure enable them to use the instruction provided.

The University has long held that continuing education should be structured toward a meaningful goal. To meet professional development goals, certification programs offer a series of seminars, which culminate in a comprehensive examination (written, oral, and practical testing to define competency in the selected clinical area). Seminars leading to certification may be taken for either CEUs or toward graduate credit.

Certifications are an integral part of the University’s transitional and post-professional degrees. Graduate credit is earned by completing distance education coursework after attending the seminars. CEUs are awarded for seminar course attendance unless students register for graduate credit. CEUs are invalid once students register in the distance education portion of the seminar course for academic credit. This policy is disclosed on continuing education certificates. If all the seminars leading to certification are taken for graduate credit, 17 to 19 hours are awarded toward an advanced degree (varies by specialty track).

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